What's that? You're not red, but you claim to be so on the inside? Ok, fine, here's your very own section! If you have a mustang with red interior this is the place to be... ...or will be in the future. I'm afraid I don't have production numbers for you but email me your cars info, and we'll add you to our red interior registry.

2005-???? Notes:
1994-1995 Red interior could be ordered, but only by fleet dealerships or renter companies. Renter companies were the dominant orders because the '94 Mustang was a hotter body style than the other cars, so you could get more money out of people renting a Mustang, and red interior was cheaper to order with red on red or white on red.

Bright Red interior could only come with 4 different exterior colored mustangs: Rio Red, Black, Opal Frost, and Crystal White.

480 4F interiors were produced in a 1994 GT convertible. Of those, only 36 came in White (ZF) with a white top (WW). And of those, only one was made on April 20th

V6 Cloth Bright Red 6F
GT Cloth Bright Red 2F
GT Leather Bright Red 4F
1993 Notes:
Cloth Ruby Red FB
Vinyl Ruby Red BD
Cloth/Vinyl Ruby Red DD
  1991-1992 Notes:
Vinyl Scarlet Red BD
Cloth/Vinyl Scarlet Red DD
1987-1990 N was only available to convertibles in 87-89
Scarlet D
White/Scarlet N
1984-1986 N was only available to convertibles in 84-89

Only 1,999 1986 GT Hatchbacks were produced in Medium Canyon Red with Red Cloth

Canyon Red D
White/Scarlet N
1982-1983 Only 328 1983 GT convertibles came in Red Leather (CD) and of those, only 121 came with a Bright Red (27) exterior

Only 106 1983 GT hatchbacks came in Red Vinyl (ED) with a (27) Bright Red exterior.

 Red D
White/Scarlet N
1981 Notes:
 Red D
1979-1980 Notes:
Red D
White/Red N
1977-1978 Notes:
Red D
White/Red N
1975-1976 Notes:
Red D
White/Red N
Cranberry H
1973 Notes:
Red D
White/Red N
1972 Notes:
Vinyl Vermillion 1E
Knitted Vinyl Vermillion 5E
Knitted Cloth/Vinyl Vermillion 4E
1971 Notes:
Cloth/Vinyl Vermillion 2E
Vinyl Vermillion 1E
Knitted Vinyl Vermillion 5E
1970 3E was only available to Mach 1s
Vinyl Vermillion BE
Cloth/Vinyl Vermillion AE
Cloth Vermillion Blazer Stripe UE
Knitted Vinyl Vermillion 3E
1969 Notes:
Vinyl Red 2D
Comfortweave Red 4D
Luxury Comfortweave Red 5D
Convertible Red 7D
Mach 1 Red 3D
1968 Notes:
Bench Comfortweave Dark Red 8D
Comfortweave Dark Red 7B
Comfortweave Red 7D
1967 Notes:
Red 2D
Luxury Red 6D
1966 Notes:
Luxury Red 65
Bench Red 35
Dark Red/Red 25
Bench Parchment/Burgundy C3
Parchment/Burgundy D3
1965 Notes:
Vinyl Red 25
Luxury Red 65
Parchment/Red D5
Parchment/Burgundy D3
Parchment/Burgundy F3
1964 Notes:
Parchment/Red 45
Vinyl Red 85
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